Room Design—Spring 2022 Lookbook—A Chic And Glam Home Office

Spring represents a fresh start, a clean slate, a chance to make a change. All the changes will start from home, which will spark the positive changes in our life. We have designed a series of rooms for our spring 2022 Lookbook. Today, we would love to present Spring 2022 Lookbook—a chic and glam home office.

A Chic And Glam Home Office

A Chic And Glam Home Office

The design of this chic home office is inspired by Apple’s colorful 24‑inch iMac series. The one we chose is in purple and navy blue. We pick up this colorway and repeat it subtly in the artwork, decor pieces and book covers. An exquisite English walnut writing desk makes a stunning focal point in this home office. Its curl veneeer to the top and U-shaped supports are aged by a traditional French polish technique. A ring-shaped chandelier graces the space with its timelessness. A pair of white lacquer bookcases are modern while the dark sideboard is sophisticated and provides a lot of storage. The performance fabric upholstered chair is elegant. Two of blush poufs are such a darling addition to this home office with a Fairy Tale Blush seat and a subtle, soft gold metal frame. The flower arrangement and indoor greenery truly make this office alive. And of course, we will have to use our favorite Brazil hand-made hide to elevate the whole space with a luxury feel. So, are you ready to move in?

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A Chic And Glam Home Office Spring 2022 Lookbook

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