Our 5 Vintage-inspired Pendants From Zio and Sons x Mitzi

Good lighting not only brightens up the space, sets the mood but also brings in personality and character. Vintage-inspired lighting design is on-trend now. We came across the new collection of

Zio and Sons x Mitzi and impressed by the nostalgic silhouettes yet with clean lines and beautiful finish. Here are our 5 picks of the pendants from Zio and Sons x Mitzi collection that will elevate any space with an vintage-inspired feel, heirloom qualify and a touch of elegance.

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5 Statement Chandeliers To Upgrade Your Dining Room For This Fall

Fall is the season to cozy up around the table with family and friends. A chandelier in the dining room will put everybody in the mood to enjoy the moments with the beautiful table, savory food and intimate conversations. Here are our 7 handpicked mid-century modern chandlers that will bring in a touch of elegance and sophistication.

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Friday Inspiration—The Stunning New Collection From Ken Fulk X The Rug Company

AD100 designer Ken Fulk who is renowned for his layered interiors and over-the-top parties. just introduced his debut collection of six rugs for The Rug Company. Inspired by the rituals and tropes of storytelling throughout culture, this collection showcases Fulk’s transportive talent through dreamlike motifs and hues.

Back to May this year, we sit in his talk in the Rug Company’s showroom in West Hollywood and really impressed that he is not just a fabulous creator but also so down-to-earth.

Now, Ken Fulk introduced his debut collection of six rugs for The Rug Company. Inspired by the rituals and tropes of storytelling throughout culture, this collection showcases Fulk’s transportive talent through dreamlike motifs and hues.

Ken Fulk

Each design explores a unique vision and is united by a shared philosophy.

“Each project Fulk designs originates with a narrative, so that was where we began when ideating this collection. Our rugs are created using ancient techniques passed down from generation to generation, which naturally tied in with Fulk’s interest in ritual, storytelling, and sacred geometry in nature. From there, the designs came swiftly as we pulled references from sound waves and folklore tapestries to create a collection of six transportive rugs.” Click here to learn more

Ralph Lauren’s New Book, A Way of Living: Home, Design, Inspiration, will be out on Sept. 26th, 2023

“Home is where the heart is, and that is where we seek quality and comfort.” –Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is a global leader in the design, marketing and distribution of luxury lifestyle products. To celebrate 40 yeas of design, Ralph Lauren’s new book,Ralph Lauren A Way of Living: Home, Design, Inspiration, will be out on Sept. 26th, 2023. The book showcases Ralph and Ricky Lauren’s own spectacular properties, showing how each inspired the designs of his collections. The book is the first dedicated to Lauren’s focus on lifestyle and makes the case that his influence has been as profound in the home sphere as it has been in fashion.

5 Modern Dining Tables To Elevate Your Space With Sophistication, Artisanal Touch And Timelessness

As the crisp breeze ushers in the season of transformation, it’s time to welcome the warm and inviting hues of fall into your spaces just like these 5 dining tables we handpicked. They are perfect for your fall refresh and the coming holiday seasons. Now, 30% off with code UPGRADE.

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Sherwin-Williams Announces Its 2024 Color Of he Year—Upward SW 6239

Sherwin-Williams today just announces its 2024 Color of the Year Upward SW 6239, a breezy and blissful shade of blue that evokes the ever-present sense of peace found when slowing down, taking a breath and allowing the mind to clear.

Led by Director of Color Marketing Sue Wadden, the Sherwin-Williams global color and design team researches and identifies key trends that influence the way we interact with color. From those findings, the team turns emerging trends into the annual Colormix® Forecast, which features trending palettes for the year to come. The team then chooses the Color of the Year from the Colormix® Forecast — the 2024 selection, Upward SW 6239.

“Upward SW 6239 represents the gentle forward momentum in all of our lives,” said Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “It brings to life that carefree, sunny day energy that elicits a notion of contentment and peace. With this color, we invite our consumers to take a pause and infuse a new sense of ease and possibility into their spaces – one that doesn’t overwhelm, but rather establishes meditation and tranquility.”

From the newly announced Sherwin-Williams color of the year of 2024, we probably can tell that the world starts to shift from earthy neutrals to lighter expressions. Sherwin-Williams Upward SW 6239 paint color not only effortlessly complements coastal design, it will also look good with antiques, vintage pieces, modern/contemporary furniture, transitional pieces and even whimsical boho interiors.

7 Of Our Favorites From New Williams Sonoma x Morris & Co. Tabletop Collection

An icon of Arts & Crafts design, the 19th-century British artist, poet and environmentalist William Morris is famed for his botanical textiles and wallpapers, furniture and decorative objects. Founded in 1861, Morris & Co. still creates unique products that uphold his legacy. “We’ve seen a wave of nostalgic design, starting in Europe and now sweeping across the U.S., with a newfound love of color, pattern, and maximalism in our homes. William Morris’ designs are at the forefront of this movement,” says Vallis, who with Maness, scoured the Morris & Co. archives and selected iconic patterns from 1800s to create a suite of plates, bowls, table linens, and more. “I was inspired by images of dining rooms covered with Morris & Co. wallpaper and imagined how Williams Sonoma could translate some of the iconic patterns to the tabletop,” says Maness. “We felt that the Morris & Co. collector would like to have pieces on display every day in their kitchens.” After a successful launch of Williams Sonoma x Morris & Co. last year, here are 7 of our favorite new pieces from this year’s update that are just in time for your fall table refresh.

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Our Handpicked 7 Lighting Designs From Newly Launched Home Ec. x Mitzi Will Bring In A Touch Of Whimsy And Playfulness To Your Home

Lighting is one of our favorite ways to elevate our clients’ homes by creating a moody atmosphere and bringing in a touch of sophistication or whimsy. Lighting like the jewelry for a room can act as a statement-making piece or take a back seat, illuminating other elements in the space to allow them to shine. Mitzi recently tapped artist, designer and influencer, Natalie Papier to launch a new lighting collection that is bold, fun and whimsical. We love the vintage-inspired style, sculptural forms and relaxing vibe of these lighting fixtures. Here are our favorite pieces from the Home Ec. x Mitzi collection.

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Bobby Berk’s Debut Design Book To Show You The Way Your Home Makes You Feel Matters

Bobby Berk, a design expert and Emmy-nominated TV host of Netflix’s Queer Eye just debuted his first design book , Right at Home: How Good Design Is Good for the Mind, to share his secrets how to set up the space so that it can take good care of you and make you feel happy.

The way your home makes you feel matters. In Right at Home, Bobby shows you how designing your space, no matter what size home you have, has an impact that’s immediate, visceral, and undeniable. What you can learn from this book:

• Articulate what makes you happy so you can land on a design that reflects your truest style
• Prioritize function and comfort so your space works for you (and not the other way around)
• Know what to let go of and what to repurpose so that every room stays organized
• Engage all your senses with texture, contrast, scent, and soundso you can stay in the present
• Understand the emotional impact of color and confidently pick patterns, palettes, and color pops
• Maximize lighting (both natural and artificial) to support a positive mental state
• Boost your mood by bringing plants and nature into your design