A New Book Beauty & Mischief: The Design Alchemy of Blackman Cruz Is Launched Today

 Blackman Cruz is one of our favorite showrooms in Los Angeles. The 9,500-square-foot showroom at Highland Avenue space has been open since 1993 and is an eccentric mash-up of antique items and contemporary designs including furniture, lighting, art and curiosities that spans numerous periods and styles. The owners, Adam Blackman and David Cruz, known for their quirky, daring style, which has drawn in celebrities and tastemakers worldwide.

We attended a book sign event two weeks ago–Beauty & Mischief: The Design Alchemy of Blackman Cruz. Art and culture journalist Stacie Stukin takes an all-encompassing look into the ethos and inspiration of the famed interior design duo Adam Blackman and David Cruz. Here are some photos we took from the showroom.

The video above is showing the entrance. They are the master of mixing and matching. We love how they pair an antique credenza with contemporary art and wall sconces. The fresh flower arrangement is stunning.

In the video above, we love the whimsy and organic vibe of this tabletop which sets the mood for a relaxing party night.

There is always a romantic way to bring a piece of antique back to life –a fresh flower arrangement or the item from the different era.

We got tons of inspirations from the showroom visit. Now the book Beauty & Mischief is available today and you can order by clicking the link below.

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Room Design—Spring 2023 Series—Lounging Room

The beginning of the new year is the perfect time to reflect the past and look for the future. In the design world, it means the new color stories, new design ideas, new materials and a fresh mood. This year, we see the rich reds, chocolate brown, the vintage finds that cultivate an interesting story for the room design.

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Design Trends 2023—This Nature-Inspired Dining Room Design Will Make You Cannot Wait For The Spring Season

It’s almost end of the year, the perfect time to reflect the past and look for the future. We don’t know you, but we cannot wait for spring—the warmer weather, mellow sunshine, fresh air, subtle color palettes and much cleaner decor… And these are the feeling we have when we are browsing the new Spring 2023 collection from Arhaus. We love how the new spring collection incorporates natural elements yet still keep the refined and sophisticated feel. Here is the new dining room design that will make you cannot wait for the spring season.

Read more: Design Trends 2023—This Nature-Inspired Dining Room Design Will Make You Cannot Wait For The Spring Season
Spring 2023 Dining Room Collection

We love the bright, crisp and airy feeling of this dining room. The new metal-based dining table makes such a striking statement in this dining space. The natural curved wood table top not only brings in personality but also create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The modern creamy boules chairs and creamy area rugs really make all of the dark furnishing pieces stand out. The brass metal chandelier is simple yet classical at the same time. We also love the minimalist profile of the mirror hanging atop of a wood sideboard. And who wouldn’t enjoy the amazing window view that is filled with spring greenery?

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Polanco Dining Table

Looking for a stunning and one-of-a-kind statement design that elevate your dining room in the new year of 2023? This Polanco Dining table is the perfect choice thanks to its oxidized metal base and characteristic oyster-cut mosaics wood top. And the story behind of creating this unique table is mind-blowing— “a family of artisans scours the forest, salvaging Mexican ash trees that have fallen naturally and would otherwise go to waste. Fragments of the recovered wood, as well as pieces of European ash, are cut and arranged by hand, creating unique mosaics where scorch marks, water stains, and natural graining add to the character of every tabletop.”

We would love to pair this table with minimalist dining chairs.

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Kirsten Dining Chair

This curvy dining chair has a minimalist profile and sculpted silhouette. Its elegant scoop seat and gently curved backrest invite you to take a seat and enjoy your meal. The chair is upholstered in Crypton® Performance Fabric which means it is durable and stain-resistant.

  • Our sustainably certified Crypton® Performance Fabrics are easy to clean, soft, and durable—engineered with stain-, odor-, and moisture-resistant technology in every fiber.
  • Iron frame and legs are powder-coated for a durable, textured finish.
  • Dining Chair seat measures 18.5″ h

Shop Kirsten Dining Chair

Simms 2 Light Linear Chandelier

This brass chandelier has a clean-lined mid-century look. It is war and inviting. The details on the stem adds another layer of classical vibe.

Shop Simms 2 Light Linear Chandelier

Rory Handwoven Rug

We love the luxury feel of this hand-woven rug. Yet, it is made 100% of linen which means the rug is perfect for the traffic busy area such as dining room.

  • Made from 100% linen.
  • 6′ x 9′ rug weighs 44 lbs.
  • 8′ x 10′ rug weighs 65 lbs.
  • 9′ x 12′ rug weighs 87 lbs.
  • 10′ x 14′ rug weighs 113 lbs.
  • 12′ x 15′ rug weighs 145 lbs.
  • Recommended for medium-traffic rooms. Medium-traffic rugs are best-suited for areas that see a moderate amount of daily traffic, like dining rooms, home offices, and some living rooms.
  • Due to the nature of handwoven rugs—colors, sizes, and designs may vary, making each piece truly unique.

Shop Rory Handwoven Rug

Polanco Sideboard


his handcrafted oyster-cut wood is from the same collection of Polanco dining table in the design. The characteristic piece will elevate any dining room with a striking statement and versatile storage.

Shop Polanco Sideboard

Skylar Wall Mirror

We love this minimalist mirror . It’s subtle rounded corner and brass finish give it an elegant feel. This mirror will be perfect for any style of decor thanks to its clean-line silhouette.

Shop Skylar Wall Mirror

Myles Hurricane

This Myles Hurricanes has sculptural details and will bring in an organic vibe to any tabletop.

Holiday Show-Home Of KHKD 2022—A Festive Dining Room

Tis the Season for sparkling. It’s our tradition to launch our virtual holiday show-home each year. The design theme this year is to mix and match traditional holiday decor with a minimalist interior by incorporating bold color palettes, plush textures, subtle pattern, organic materials and craftsmanship In today’s post, we’d love to present Holiday Show-Home Of KHKD 2022—a festive dining room.

Holiday Show-Home Of KHKD 2022—A Festive Dining Room

Holiday Show-Home Of KHKD 2022---A Festive Dining Room

The modern ding room features a pink red wall which is cheerful and fashion-forward. The gilded 18th century oil painting, wall scones and gold leaf edged dining chairs are all contributed to make this room glam and timeless. The ripped sideboard in the back is on-the-trend. We love these handcrafted oversized holiday animal statues by the Christmas trees–they are fun and make a striking statement for a fanciful winder wonderland. Contact us the details of the wall sconces and flower arrangements.

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Shop the Decor Pieces In the Above Design by Clicking Each Image Below:

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Room Design—Fall 2022 Series—Home Office

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