Room Design—A Modern Glam Home Office

This home office we designed features an elegant and feminine writing desk with the center drawer offering a drop-down for a keyboard and cord access while the left drawer providing a removable jewelry tray. The desk’s rounded silhouette features fluted detailing highlighted in a lustrous palette of Matte Pearl and touches of Whisper of Gold. Lovely acrylic legs capped with Whisper of Gold ferrules complete its fashionable appeal and make it an asset to any well-designed space.

A Modern Glam Home Office

The writing desk is paired with a high back softly winged chair tailored in cream velvet. Sitting next to the window is a sophisticated bookcase with exquisite white Capiz shells that add coastal character. Zebra printed hide is chic and glam. This home office offers a calming space where you can be inspired and stay focus all day long.

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A Modern Glam Home Office

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