Room Design—A Home Office That Is Homey With A Touch Of Lilac

Summer is here. It is the perfect time to freshen up your home for an easy breezy vibe. We have designed a series of rooms to celebrate this cheerful season. Today, we would like to present a home office we designed that is filled with a mix of styles, clean silhouettes and sumptuous finishes to ensure both sophistication and livability.

A Home Office That Is Homey With A Touch Of Lilac

The design of this home office is inspired by a soft color palette of lilac, blue, cream and green, which will, for sure, calm you down in a hot summer day. We particularly chose textural lilac wallpaper for this home office to bring in a touch of sophistication. From fashion to interior design, lilac is on-trend for this summer season. Eventually, we believe you will get tired of too clinical home office.

The feeling of being close to nature is just wonderful. Focus and productivity are unbelievably high. So, for this home office design, we again chose the large indoor greenery.

This home office has a high ceiling. So a tall chandler will not only bring in a visual interest, but also help make the space feel cozy. The office desk is a star in this room, a stunning statement piece that has bleached burl front doors featuring organic patchwork. White-finished mahogany tabletop offers plenty of space to work. The home office chair is retro-influenced and has 70’s vibes. A pair of blush ottomans with a soft gold metal frame are a darling addition. The perfect lighting are always come both side of your face for your desk work and video conference call. So, we have 2 of playful table lamps in the design. A pair of bookcases with the mixing materials of patina brass, gunmetal and tempered Glass not only give the space an old world charm but also more visual interest. The indoor-outdoor neutral-toned area rug anchors the space by lending a texture-rich look.

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