Room Design—Fall 2022 Series—Dining Room

As we start to transition to the new season, we are looking for the inspirations to refresh our home. With the rich jewel-toned color palette, the quintessential furnishings, the luxury fabrics that are soft to touch and the artwork and floral arrangement, this dining room we designed is sumptuous, elegant and inviting.

Fall 2022 Series---Dining Room

Shop This Glam Dining Room Look:

The dining room features a graceful dining table that has a curved top supported by sleekly tapered legs and matte black ferrules. The dining table strikes balance between feminine and traditional aesthetic. The dining table is paired with 4 sets of oval side chairs that boast an exquisite rounded back, an upholstered seat, and soft gold metal caps on each leg. Two of slip cover arm chairs showcasing a center vertical stripe complete the overall look with their skirted detailing. The green chandelier is the star of the room. The distinctive green hues of the recycled wine bottles used to make the chandelier bring this fixture its feeling of luminosity. Natural uneven textures on the hanging glass pieces affixed to the green chandelier are accentuated by a dark contemporary gold leaf finish. The Scandinavia chunk-knit wool handwoven rug brings in comfort and coziness to this glam dining room.

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