Bobby Berk’s Debut Design Book To Show You The Way Your Home Makes You Feel Matters

Bobby Berk, a design expert and Emmy-nominated TV host of Netflix’s Queer Eye just debuted his first design book , Right at Home: How Good Design Is Good for the Mind, to share his secrets how to set up the space so that it can take good care of you and make you feel happy.

The way your home makes you feel matters. In Right at Home, Bobby shows you how designing your space, no matter what size home you have, has an impact that’s immediate, visceral, and undeniable. What you can learn from this book:

• Articulate what makes you happy so you can land on a design that reflects your truest style
• Prioritize function and comfort so your space works for you (and not the other way around)
• Know what to let go of and what to repurpose so that every room stays organized
• Engage all your senses with texture, contrast, scent, and soundso you can stay in the present
• Understand the emotional impact of color and confidently pick patterns, palettes, and color pops
• Maximize lighting (both natural and artificial) to support a positive mental state
• Boost your mood by bringing plants and nature into your design