On Trend—9 Plaster White Chandeliers That Make A Sculptural Statement

Plaster is typically made from limestone (calcium carbonate) or gypsum (calcium sulfate). It’s mined, cooked, and ground into a powder. Different additives, like sand or marble, are added to the powder to give the resulting plaster different textures and colors. Not just for the walls, plaster is now the trendy finish of choice of literally everything from lighting to coffee tables to credenzas in home decor market thanks to its organic vibe and artistic quality. We have been seeing plaster furnishing pieces that are full of clean silhouettes, earthy palettes and sophisticated styles all over the social medias. They add texture, dimension and a timeless element to a space making it feel luxe yet liveable. Chandeliers are the crown jewels for a home. Plaster-finished chandlers create a very calming and relaxing atmosphere for a home. Read on for our 9 favorite plaster white chandeliers that will make a quiet elegant statement to any home.

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