New Year Lookbook 2022—The Cozy Corner Of An Modern Elegant Bedroom

We have just designed a series of New Year LookBook rooms based on our design projects, best sellers in 2021 and trend studies for 2022. There are some trends in 2021 that will continue going strong in 2022–like all curved, sculptural shapes & forms and the artful mixing-and-matching of different eras and styles. People still lean to the soothing and quiet color palettes with subtle pops of color. In today’s blog, we share our design of New Year LookBook 2022—the corner of a modern elegant bedroom.

New Year LookBook 2022—The Corner Of A Modern Elegant Bedroom

We created a lounging area featuring a cloud-white curvy loveseat, an antique game table and a pair of modernized creamy Louis XVI chairs at the corner of an elegant master bedroom. A lady oil canvas brings in an extra layer of femininity energy to the space. We also chose the color palette inspired by this artwork–purple with a blue undertone, cream, white and light brown. A minimalism marble side table has graceful veins. It not only holds books, tea cups but also serves as a well-crafted sculpture to please our eye. The delicate trims on the drapes give the space a very sophisticated feel. We love to mix this antique regency game table here with all of the modern pieces since nothing can make a room sing quite like a piece of vintage or antique furniture. They have a character that only age can bring.

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